Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Holloman Air Show Part I

Saturday I attended the Holloman AFB Air Show. Here are a few pictures of the event.

The highlight of the show were the QF-4Es which I understand are used in the drone program at Holloman. On aircraft was on static display and one flew in the show. I've really missed seeing the Phantom at air shows. (These aircraft carry TD tail codes. Does that mean they are really from Tyndall and not Holloman?)

Another highlight were the Holloman based German Air Force Tornados. It was nice to be treated to a four ship flypast during the show including a air to air refueling demo.

It was interesting to note only one Luftwaffe Tornado had gone grey.

While the rest of the aircraft were still green. Here is the tanker bird.

The Holloman badge incorporates the New Mexico flag.

The static display Tornado was all loaded up with weapons. Here is something you don't see much in the U.S. an IRIS-T missile.

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Mark Munzel said...

Yes, the TD codes mean they're Tyndall jets. Can't explain why the local Heritage Flight F-4s (which would have HD codes) didn't fly for you.

Nor can I explain why the GAFFTC Tornados are still green when most, if not all, examples back in German have been repainted.

Nice pics tho. Wish this show wasn't so far away from me.....