Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bates v. Knights decided by the Ohio Supreme Court

Some of you may have heard that last month I appeared before the Ohio Supreme Court. I'm sure most of you just assumed it had something to do with my day job, but it was actually a modeling case. Keen observers may have noticed that Kentucky Law Pirate David Knights has been posting pictures and commentary on my recent build of the Airfix Sabre. You also might notice that in the most recent post he has let slip that an injunction was placed against him from talking about my modeling. This case dates back to a post in which he referred to me as a "master modeler." Taken aback by this slander, I filed suit to have the post removed from his blog. Many attempts were made at a settlement, but it quickly worked its way up the court system and ended up before the Supreme Court. Thankfully I have prevailed in this case and Mr. Knights can never use the term "master modeler" with regard to my work, nor me as a modeler. But all is not lost for poor David...he may still use terms like "hack," "half assed assembly and painting job," and "a third grader could do better."

Oh, the Airfix Sabre? It is going together pretty well and I've really been enjoying it. Well until Sunday, when I dropped it. No damage was caused to the model, but one of the nose weights broke loose. So I decided to pour some super glue into the fuselage to secure it. Good idea, other then the Sabre is basically a tube and the glue decided to pour out of both ends. And just as I was ready for primer. Oh well, I'll break out the sanding sticks and hopefully remove all the CA. And, of course, even with super glue pouring from both didn't secure the nose weight and the model still rattles. Sabre maraca anyone?

So without further adieu, here are the pics:


The Migrant said...

Jim, you can use Superglue de-bonder to remove the excess glue, it's less destructive than sanding sticks.

dsg said...

and next time, use white glue not CA. It is more flexible, and more forgiving, than CA