Sunday, August 6, 2017

IX Center KC-97

Here is a story about a neat project taking place in my former location. The IX Center in Cleveland has purchased Boeing KC-97G 52-2604 (formerly N97GX) for display in their sprawling building. The connection is that the IX Center was built as Fisher Body Aircraft Plant No. 2 wherein B-29 parts were manufactured during the World War Two. B-29s are rather rare these days, and it is difficult to secure an airframe for display, so it appears management decided that the KC-97 descendant was close enough. (The story states that C-97 parts were built at the "Cleveland Bomber Plant" and that is certainly possible, but I can neither confirm or deny the veracity of that claim.) The KC-97 was trucked from Arizona in May after spending decades, sans tail-fin, in the Dross Metals (DMI) yard outside of AMARC at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Modeler's Note: The Academy kit is the only choice in 1/72 to build a KC-97G unless you want to revisit the past and build a vacuform. Just make sure you have lots of real estate in the display case.


David M. Knights said...

Cool story!

Unknown said...

Hi Dave, here is a email I sent to IX center, don't know who the right contact would be, maybe you couHi,
I'm trying to find the right person at Park Corp. that is putting together the KC-97 Aircraft project and thought you could help or direct me to individuals in charge. I live in Avon Lake and own Top Gun Flight Consultants located in the Burke Lakefront Airport Terminal, I am an active flight instructor and aviation consultant, I also flew the KC-97 in the Air Force and have the flight manuals for the aircraft. I believe I could be an accent in helping get this project to completion, and be a volunteer when it is on display at future events.
Thank you for your attention and appreciate any help you could provide.
Ray Brown
440-320-1966 ld help, thanks