Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Greenhouse Tavern - Cleveland

On Friday, Heather and I were finally able to visit the Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th Street in Cleveland. The Greenhouse is the newest venture of Chef Jonathan Sawyer, formerly of Bar Cento, and is Ohio's first Green Certified restaurant. Being Bar Cento fans, we were looking forward to dining at the Greenhouse Tavern. It did not disappoint. A rather large space with fewer tables then I expected, Greenhouse's decor is both sophisticated and approachable. We were seated in the rear mezzanine overlooking the restaurant and the East 4th patio. In fact, sophisticated and approachable would also describe the food. We opened with bread and goats milk butter. I had the Steak Frites. My steak was perfectly cooked, tasted wonderful, and the fries are very yummy. Heather had the chilled Tomato and Bread Soup and had Parisian Gnocchi for her entree. She really enjoyed both. I tried some of the gnocchi and it was the freshest gnocchi I've ever tasted, the corn being a nice touch. We ended up the meal with a pot of Chocolate Mousse for two and some tea. The Mousse was great, but the accompaning Hazelnut Brittle was the real winner here. I could eat it for days. The whole experience was wonderful and I can't wait to go back. (The only off note, was just that; a note, well really a song. Most of the music played in the restaurant was top shelf mellow tunes...Wilco, Beck, etc. In fact Heather commented that it sounded like I was picking the playlist. So I was taken aback when I heard the opening chords of an unplugged version of Brian Adams's Summer of '69? Ryan Adams, not Brian Adams! Thanks.) Rumor has it that the Greenhouse has been named as one of the 10 best new restaurants in the U.S. by Bon Appetit magazine. It certainly deserved that award.

Can I go back this weekend?


Chef Sawyer said...

Thank you! Glad you made it in!

lawroark said...

You had a great meal, and the chef commented on your blog! How cool is that?