Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in Plastic

I had hoped for six, but after a few years of zero, three is nice.

1.  The Blitzed Airfix Spitfire IX. An easy build, but detail is really lacking. Markings are "approximate."

2.  I enjoyed the Airfix P-40. Sure the landing gear is too stalky and the canopy is too tall, but overall it was a fun build. My RCAF one will have all the corrections.

3.  Platz X-47B. Really nice kit with no vices and most importantly no canopy masking!

After a few years of zero output, I managed three complete kits in 2015. (Sadly, not a single one was a Zero.) It has been nice to rediscover the joy of the hobby and actually finish things. I finally came to the conclusion that I'll never be a great modeler and decided to just build a kit. That Blitz Spitfire was pretty low on the quality scale, but the Tomahawk was better, and the X-47B even better. It appears that by giving up chasing the dragon of perfection, I end up finishing things I am happy with. (And I'm sure the deadline of having the model done for display case installations didn't hurt either.) Sadly, not a single finished model fit my RCAF theme. I'll have to focus on that in 2016!


Martin Keenan said...

Your situation reminds me of something that has always stuck with me from my high school computer instructor (paraphrased):

"A computer program, however badly designed, that does what it's supposed to do is infinitely superior to the most elegantly designed program that doesn't work."

Anyone can be perfect if they never actually do anything.

FalkeEins said...

..yep, three is definitely better than zero! Well done!