Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Prototype 727 at the MoF

I missed the last flight of the first 727 (N7001U) last Wednesday, but I did get a chance to take a photo of it at the Museum the next evening. It is interesting how much attention this project generated.  As a kid, very few airplanes were more boring than 727s, but in 2016 I was disappointed I couldn't see one fly.  The old jetliners have disappeared quickly and become much beloved.

Modeler's Note: Many years ago Kendall Model Company issued a Boeing 727-200.  My understanding is that the less said about it the better.


David M. Knights said...

Actually, I heard that the KMC 727 wasn't bad. However, it was the last thing the company did before they stopped trading.

SPI said...

Popular with hijackers with rear door.

Dave Shirlaw

E Larson said...

I always thought the 727 was cool and have flown on them a number of times over the years.