Friday, July 24, 2015

BoB BoB - There's a Hurricane Coming # 2

Finally, we have Hurricane progress in the Battle of the Barristers build.  As mentioned in Part 1, I'm building the Airfix kit as a 1 (F) Squadron Hurricane Mk. I.  I decided to delay my project until the summer to make this a dual build.  Since it is the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, I wanted to build the model during the actual dates of the Battle from July 10 to October 31.  Sort of as a small tribute to the only RCAF Squadron that flew operations during the Battle.  So that is how I ended up with the BoB BoB build.

The Airfix Hurricane has been an interesting experience.  This is clearly the best Hurricane in 1/72, but seemed fiddly until it was fully assembled.  The cockpit is nicely outfitted and was hand painted with Testors RAF Interior Green, while the tubing was coloured with a silver Sharpie.  The seat has also been painted aluminum, but has yet to be fitted.  I will use some of the new Eduard fabric belts on the seat and I hope my keyhole surgery skills will allow me to fit it once sanding is complete.

The wings assembly took some work; I must have got the wheel well slightly off square.  Once the well was painted aluminum, the two halves were put together.  It took some effort and gluing in sections, but with a little sanding it will be ok.  I do need to apply a skin of putty to the area around the gun bays which Airfix mistakenly depicted as fabric, rather than metal.

Fuselage fit was good, the under fuselage insert fit well, and the wing to the fuselage joint will only require a small amount of Mr. Surfacer at the root and Dissolved Putty at the front fuselage to wing join.  Hopefully I can get the filling and sanding stage done soon and move on to painting.

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