Friday, January 23, 2015

The Canadair Argus

Title: The Canadair Argus:  The Untold Story of Canada’s Cold War Maritime Hunter
Authors: Major Cary Barker and Major Bert Campbell

During the Cold War, the Canadair Argus plied the skies of Canada’s East and West Coast and, outside of a few preserved airframes, is almost forgotten.  Even in books about the RCAF, it only gets mentioned for a few pages in chapters on Maritime Command.  This 190-page hardcover book changes all that.  It tells the story of the Argus from development to retirement and everything is here; weapon’s trials, stories of patrols, crew and maintenance tails, etc.  I was fascinated by the Bullpup missile trials and the references to the Argus's use during the Cuban Missile crisis.  The book is well illustrated with both colour and black-and-white photos and nicely done aircraft paintings.  A must for an RCAF fan of Maritime operations.

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