Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Times They Have a Changed!

As a child who grew up in Canada during the Cold War, this press release raised my eyebrow. Legal spy plane overflights of Canada by a Russia aircraft based out of a Canadian Forces Base? Open Skies indeed. I just wonder why Russia takes the time to overfly Canada. Are they scouting hockey talent for the KHL?

ADDENDUM: Turns out this is a common occurrence. Here is a pic of a TU-154 at Trenton last year. Kinda cool it is from the Cosmonaut Training Center. I understand Zvedza has a nice 1/144 kit of the TU-154 with Cosmonaut Training Center markings. That might make a neat little project.

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dsg said...

staayyy focusssed..., stayyy focusssed, you've got a Hunter to finish before tramping off into some other scale and country/commonwealth...