Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hunter Update #3

It has been a rough week work wise, but I did get a little done on the Hunter. Tuesday night I dug out the airbrush and the Metalizer and got the intakes sprayed and last night I put the wings together. The Aeroclub wing inserts for the early Hunter wing fit pretty well, maybe better then the Revell parts for the dogtooth. Sadly the wingtips weren't a great fit, being thicker then the wings. Being forewarned of this problem by David Knights, I sanded them a little thinner before assembly and that helped. (Thanks David!)

I'm trying my best to make the deadline, but right now I feel behind. That being said, even if I don't make the deadline, I'll finish it up soon after. This kit is not going in to the hall of shame!


David M. Knights said...

Photos man, photos!

dsg said...

The Revell dogtooth inserts are too thick, and the wingtips maybe a little too thick, too. I made them flush on top and sanded aggressively on the bottom.