Monday, July 18, 2016

Boeing 100th Birthday Party

A few photos from Sunday's version of the Boeing Centennial Event.  The event to celebrate the aviation borg's 100th birthday was more of a fair than an airshow, but a few nice vintage types were on display to accompany the 7-7 family.  Outside of the Boeing B-25, Boeing AT-6, and Boeing P-51D from the Historic Flight Foundation, military types were in short supply.

Addison Pemberton's Boeing Model 40B restoration was clearly the highlight of the display.  It is the oldest Boeing type still flying.

Bob Dempster's recreation of the Seattle Douglas World Cruiser is as impressive as it is ugly.  It will soon be mounted on floats and hopefully attempt to recreate the around the world journey of the original DWCs in 2017.

The Hamilton Metalplane H-47 is the only surviving type manufactured by this forgotten firm which was later absorbed by Boeing.

Sunday featured flybys of famous Boeing types such as the DC-3 and the TA-4 Skyhawk.  Sadly, the laser light show/movie fell flat during the daytime.  I bet it was nice Friday and Saturday night though.

Alaska has painted up a Boeing Centennial 737.  Oh how I wish they had
copied the Dash 80 prototype scheme instead!