Tuesday, August 18, 2015


So, I spent Sunday and Monday Blitzing a Spitfire. For those not in the know, a Blitzbau is a speed build held a couple of times a year over on the Unofficial Airfix Modelers Forum. The modeler has to start, and complete, a kit either within 24 hours straight, or two 12 hour sessions on two successive days. I, of course, choose the two 12 hour sessions. Shockingly, I actually finished.

The poor subject chosen for this excise was the recent Airfix Spitfire IX. I built it straight out of the box. Yep, I didn't install seat belts. I tried to be ok that it has no control column, no instrument panel, and open wheel wells. I didn't replacing the comfy chair with something prototypical. Sadly, in the name of speed, many, many historical inaccuracies were committed. (Wheels are the wrong style, no D-Day stripes, and the wheel bulges are still present on the top of the wings, etc.) Not to mention my canopy masking skills are ultra weak...

I'm glad I finished, but I'm kind of disappointed in the final model. That being said, I'm excited that I was actually able to finish a model in two days...my first for the year...and I'm pretty happy with my shade of pink as well.  (The pink was a mix of Tamiya Flat White with a few drops of Tamiya pink added.)

The whole sorry tale...complete with a Seattle grunge history...can be found here.

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