Friday, January 9, 2015

Battle of the Barristers - There's a Hurricane Coming! Part 1

As Mr. Knights let the cat out of the bag the other day, he and I have entered into a 2015 Battle of the Barristers challenge build with Battle of Britain Hurricanes. Both of us will be building the recently issued Series 1 Airfix Hurricane Mk. I.

This is the second boxing of Airfix's fabric wing Hurricane.  The kit is excellent and clearly the best Hurricane in 1/72 scale.  The price point is a bit friendlier than the Series 2 version which also includes two decal options, the two bladed propellor, and other distinguishing features of the very early Hurricanes. (An extra sprue is included in the Series 2 Hurricane Mk. I to cater to these features.)  Sadly, hopes for a metal wing version in 2015 appear to be dashed.

My plan is to build the kit mostly out of the box with replacement wheels...the Airfix kits have one too few spokes...and with Eduard's new fabric seat belts.  I hope to get started this week and will be building the following aircraft:

L1851 was one of a few fabric wing Hurricanes on strength with 1 (F) Squadron RCAF.  On August 18, 1940, the day after the Squadron became operational, Flight Lieutenant V. B.Corbett ran into a fuel browser with YO-U during a scramble at 14:30 hours at RAF Hornchurch.  The results of the collision are illustrated in the photo above.  (Photo courtesy of the Canada Department of National Defence/Library and Archives of Canada.)

As our Battle has a due date of December 31, 2015, not only should both David and I actually finish our Hurricanes, there is plenty of time for other barristers to join in our fun.  Now if only I knew some other plastic-loving lawyers...  (I'm looking at you August and Rick!)

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