Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #4: The Worst

Well, I said from the first
I am the worst...
It never hurts to work in a little Keith Richards in a modeling blog now, does it? And it is very apropos being that this week's Sprue Cutters Union question is "What is the worst experience you've had with this hobby?"

It really is an easy question for me.  I used to claim that I was afraid of my airbrush, but I have learned to tame the beast.  (Or at least realized that your skills at the airbrush are in proportion to how much you use it.)  But every model there is one experience that I fear and that I lack even average skills...canopy masking.  Always the worst experience I have with the hobby on each and every aircraft.  I think I fear it even more than snakes.  Heck, it stalls almost every project to the point that I almost never paint a model because I'm in fear of pulling up the masking and seeing paint on the clear parts, catawampus frame lines, and other such self inflicted disasters on the once pristine clear parts.  Everyone says, oh man, it is easy.  Just use little strips and squares of Tamiya tape.  Really?  You tell that to the guy who couldn't cut a straight line if his life depended upon it?  Nope, it just isn't going to happen.  Yea, Eduard masks help in theory, but my fear is so entrenched that I even am afraid of using that shortcut.  Maybe I should just take up open cockpit biplanes.

I guess I'll just end with a quote from Mr. Chris Robinson:
Help yourself out to some of my disaster...
Part of being in the Union means you must include links to fellow contributor's posts within your own response.  So here are a few posts from some of the other members:

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Eternal Wargamer said...

Hey there. Good post! I am mainly a tabletop wargames modeller, but I am part way through assembly of a Dark Angels Nephilim Jet Fighter, and will face exactly this problem!