Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sword 1/72 Seafire Mk. IIc/L Mk. IIc

Sword is another Czech producer of injection molded kits and they followed up their recent Spitfire Vc series with a Seafire Mk. IIc.  It includes one sprue from the Spitfire kit along with a new sprue of Seafire specific parts, some resin cannons and fairings, and an injection modeled canopy.  Sword is quite a refined producer of short run models and the parts are well molded with clean detail.  Options abound with two sets of wheels, two choices for wingtips, three spinners and propellors, and the choice of the standard or tropical filters.  Scribing is very fine, maybe too fine for some modelers.  Detail in the cockpit is very nice and it looks like it will assemble just fine if you take some care.  Sword did account for the difference between the Spitfire and Seafire by providing a new sprue, including a Seafire fuselage and also provide plastic parts for the hook and fairing.

Decal options are for 899 Squadron of the HMS Indomitable, 885 NAS in Northern Ireland, and 834 Squadron of the HMS Battler of the British Pacific Fleet with a cartoon stork nose art.  All necessary markings, including stencils are provided.

The Sword Seafire is an expensive kit, with a price over $20.00, but it is the best 1/72 plastic Merlin engined Seafire currently on the market.


Matt Tauber said...

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Daniel C said...

Don't worry, your comments and blogs help the rest of us who are interested in this hobby... AND... we really live in this world.