Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Airfix Kits

Title: Airfix Kits
Author: Trevor Pask
Publisher: Shire Library

In 2010 it seems like you couldn't go a month or two without a new book on Airfix hitting the shelves. This little book is simply a short history of Airfix. While not nearly as detailed as the Ward books, it is much better edited. There are many pictures of built kits and box art with lots of images from Airfix catalogues of the past. While there are some mentions of other Airfix related lines, the book solely covers Airfix's plastic kits.

Outside of the overly 70s cover...those are some dodgy haircuts...this is a really nice short history of the famous manufacturer.

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Mark Munzel said...

Spoken like somebody who never had hair like that ... or at least who's in denial!