Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Canadian Navy Skyraider

Today on Hyperscale there is a nicely done Tamiya Skyraider in Royal Canadian Navy markings. It is a what if, but Canada did have a Skyraider. Well not really, but one landed on the HMCS Magnificent on September 23, 1953 because of fog. It was AD-4B BuNo 132354 from the USS Bennington and flown by James Elster. In good Canadian tradition we added a maple leaf and made him carry a moose back to the USS Bennington.

Hey, cut him off with that Sea Fury...then we'll finally have a real bomber in this Navy!

That's a Canadian now, eh. Maggie must be the name of the moose. (Or maybe the carrier...)

Look at all those Avengers! (Photos courtesy of the Canada Department of National Defence/Library and Archives of Canada.)


David M. Knights said...

Just frikkin' awesome. They shoudl have kept it, and kept the carrier to fly it off of.

lawroark said...

I'm enjoying the increased frequency of posts, Jim.