Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Harvard Education

I was back in Tillsonburg this past weekend for the final edition of Harvard Ground School. A couple of the Harvards were doing pilot checkouts.

Harvard Mk. 4 CF-WLH about to depart on a flight.

North American built Harvard Mk. II C-FRWN RCAF # 3830 was also flying some ops.

Harvard Mk. 4 C-FRZW RCAF # 20422 was in the hangar for its annual.

Harvard Mk. II C-FMTX RCAF # 3191 is under restoration. It should be back flying in a couple of years.

CHAA is building a Harvard out of spare parts for static display. The rear fuselage is from Harvard Mk. II RCAF # 2885.

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Paul B said...

Hi Jim - nice photos and an interesting time by the look sof things. Do you get to fly soon?