Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friendly Foes Above the Falls 2008

After visiting CWH's Flyfest, we spent Sunday at the Russell Group Field attending the Friendly Foes Above the Falls show. The best way to describe this show is Geneseo Jr. A nice grass field, but you have no access to the static aircraft. In addition, the show line is quite far from the field. The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team put on their usual good show, and there were a few really neat aircraft on display. However, clearly the highlight was a few flybys of the Lancaster, Hurricane, -109, and two Spitfires flight. After the group flybys the Lancaster did quite a few nice passes, and the fighter followed. A great way to end any airshow.

TBM-3E N9584Z/BuNo.85882 "Ida Red" in the static display area.

The Russell Group Harvard II.

One of the highlights of the show was this beautiful Meyers OTW C-FOTW.

Sadly the Russell Group Hurricane XII did not fly this year.

A selection of the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team at work.

The Russell Group Spitfire IX MK912/C-FFLC.

Yale RCAF 3372 C-FGIR on the takeoff roll.

And even if it is a Messerschmitt it is nice to see the Russell Group Bf-109E C-FEML in the air.


David M. Knights said...

Those are great photos. What camera are you using?

Bryan said...

Make sure you come back again this year. It promises to be a better show again.

June 5 fly in day
June 6 and 7 airshow days.