Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canadian Warplane Heritage Flyfest 2008

As I mentioned here, Heather and I attended the CWH's Flyfest last Saturday in Hamilton. It was a great event. Highlights included catching up with Eric and Berni, and Steve, seeing the Lysander taxi, multiple flights by the Lancaster, Firefly, B-25, and of course the Lancaster, Hurricane, -109, and two Spitfire flypast. This was my first all digital airshow, and I ran into a few problems. The most major one is that I forgot to turn on my image stabilization on my lens so almost all my ground to air shots are garbage, and also it appears I've got some junk on the lens that leaves marks on the images. I hope I can get both these issues sorted out before Geneseo. Who knew going digital had such a steep learning curve?

Two shots of the newly repainted DC-3 C-GDAK.

Steve's big ride. Steve took a ride on the Dak. About my only acceptable ground to air shot of the day.
Ohhh Firefly... The Fairey Firefly AS.6 WH632/C-GBDG.

Westland Lysander III RCAF 2363 taxied around. It is hoped it will fly this year or next.

The static Buffalo restoration is coming along well. It will be painted in the markings of CAF Buffalo 115461 which was shot down over Syria in 1974 killing nine members of the CAF. The aircraft will be dedicated on August 9, 2009 (Peacekeepers Day in Canada).

T-28 C-FPUG arrives from Welland.

Cornell FV720/CF-CVT and Harvard IV RCAF 20412/C-FVMG

Harvard VMG taxis in.

Sorta Fury C-FGAT in three poses.

Sandy Thomson's Fouga NX549FM was sitting in a corner.

To be continued.

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