Sunday, October 21, 2007

CSM 2007 Model Contest and Swap Meet

On Saturday, Mark Smith and I took a four hour drive south to attend the 2007 installment of the Cincinnati Scale Modelers' Contest and Swap Meet. Neither of us had attended the CSM show, so we weren't sure what to expect.

The show was at the Scarlet Oaks Campus, and was a very pleasant surprise. Very nice good sized venue with lots of light, models on one side, and vendors on the other. It was a good sized show with quite a few nice models on display. Here are a few of my favorites:

A 1/72 Trumpeter Wyvern:

A 1/72 Tamiya Mosquito Night Fighter:

Here is a 1/72 417 Squ. RCAF Hurricane IIc built from the Revell kit. I really liked this one, but sadly only got his one poor shot of it:

Mark did very well with three Firsts, and Best Aircraft in Show with his Eduard 1/72 DH.2. Even more of a shock was that I got a Third for the infamous Maplebolt. I picked up a Unicraft resin Avro Canada 606A which shall be an interesting "what if" project...someday.

It was also good to meet up with Kentucky attorney, modeler, and blogger David Knights.

So thumbs up to a good show back in the old neighborhood. Even though it was a long drive, I'll try to make it back next year.


Anonymous said...

Yay Jim! You may no longer refer to it as the "infamous Maplebolt"! This objet d'art shall now be referred to as the "award-winning Maplebolt!"

Well, if I visit your blog, I guess I don't have to e-mail you anymore. For the consequences of going down this path, see today's "Dilbert".

Anonymous said...

Hey - how about a pic of your Maplebolt with the award?