Friday, April 30, 2021

HB Bearcat progress

That escalated quickly! It's a simple kit and the fit is pretty good, but it brings up the question, how does one make a blue blob interesting?

Maybe I'm too influenced by warbirds, but I got the idea of trying to use aluminum to highlight the panel lines. My original idea was to use Abteilung 502 Silver oil paint. Unfortunately, the metal particles were way too large, kind of like Tamiya Flat Aluminum acrylic. Idea number two was to try turn a AK Aluminum pencil into a slurry, but it appears that while the colour AK pencils will go into solution the Aluminum will not. I then pulled out the MiG Ammo Oilbrusher Silver. Diluted with Mona Lisa orderless thinner, it appears to work as a panel line wash. More experiments needed...

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