Tuesday, May 31, 2016

HWE Hurricane Decals

Last time I mentioned the Home War Establishment Hurricane project for IPMS Canada  What started as a simple article expanded to a four part project and an accompanying decal sheet. It was fun to see a few of the Hurricanes I researched appear on an actual decal sheet. Artwork was done by Bob of Illiad Design and printing was done by Canuck Model Products. The sheet will be included free in the Fall 2016 issue of Random Thoughts (RT) which will also have a full explanation of the four subjects, some tips on how to model RCAF Hurricanes, and finally will complete the story of the Hurricane XII and XIIA.  (The other two portions of the article are mostly photographs and will appear in upcoming issues of  the IPMS Canada e-mail newsletter BeaveRTales.)

The free decal sheet will only available to IPMS Canada members whose memberships are current when the Fall 2016 issue of RT is mailed out, so please visit the link to join the Society or renew your membership.

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