Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The New Compressor is Here!

Once the 707 killed my Sparmax compressor, I struggled with what type of air source to purchase. After doing some research online and discussing the topic with a couple of modelers (and being the cheap ass I am), I decided to try the Master Airbrush Model TC-40T compressor, for sale at slightly over $100 on Amazon. It arrived last week and, as our daughter's stuffed dog (aka THE "I'm so cool I don't even need a name" DOG) must approve all changes in our household, he had to take a look.

So far, I like it. There is some debate in the house as to whether it is slightly louder or softer than the Sparmax but there is no question I can safely spray at night without waking Claren. Not to mention, the built-in tank is a very nice touch and that alone is quite an upgrade over the Sparmax.

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