Thursday, July 9, 2015

Great Selection of FAA Photos

One of the very cool things about the internet is that occasionally family members of veterans take the time to post period photos. Check out this link on Flickr where Patrick Charles Stuart Chilton's grandson has uploaded an amazing collection of photos that were taken by his grandfather during his service with the Fleet Air Arm. (You can learn more about Mr. Chilton's wartime career as a pilot at this link.)  Gladiators and Skuas.  805 Squadron Buffalos and Martlets. 881 Squadron Martlets on HMS Illustrious. Seafires. BPF Corsairs and HMS Arbiter deck hockey. (Not to mention some nice travel photos too.) Stunning stuff!

P.S.: Thank you to Mr. Chilton’s grandson for taking the time to scan and post these photos. Less interested people have probably thrown out many of these kinds of pictures. He deserves our gratitude.

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