Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spam Comments

No not the so called meat... I recently noticed that many of the comments in posts, especially older posts have been nothing but spam. Sorry dear readers. I have deleted all spam that I could find...and sadly a few real comments I think...and have changed the settings on the blog to require that I approve all comments. (If anyone runs across a spam comment in any post, please let me know.) Don't worry real commentators, you will be approved even if you are ragging on my lack of completion of kits or my love of hockey. In fact I will even approve Mark's questions about where is the finished Hunter. Though I reserve the right to delete David's endless comments to "Finish the Spitfire!"


David M. Knights said...

Finish the Spitfire. (You knew it was coming.)

Mark Munzel said...

What happens if *I* say, "Finish the Spitfire?"