Friday, August 9, 2013

Hobby Boss 1/72 Spitfire Vb Day One

Tonight I decided to start the Hobby Boss Spitfire Vb "Easy Assemble" kit.  Sure it has issues, but I hope to correct them with the use of spares from Airfix Spitfires.  After less than an hour, here I am.  Easy, indeed.  My goal is to actually finish it this week and I hope to post progress each day.  It will be done up as "Buzz" Beurling's T-L/EP706 with my interpretation of a "Malta Blue" scheme.


David M. Knights said...

Finish the Hellcat! Where is the Hellcat? Your fans demand the Hellcat!

AndrewR said...

Nice work on the Spit, Jim. Now just replace the canopy, prop and undercarriage with the Airfix bits!

AScaleCanadian said...


That is indeed the plan. I was planning on using the kit undercarriage and just Airfix wheels and gear doors, though.

AScaleCanadian said...


I have fans?