Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rising Decals Donated Birds II

With my new found interest in Japanese World War Two aircraft I have started building up a collection of kits.  Sadly, many of those kits, especially a few of the old Mania kits I have found, have decals that are either missing, uninspiring, or just well past their use dates.  When I spotted this sheet online, I knew I had to have it. Much like the presentation Spitfires that were given to the RAF by different sources, certain aircraft were paid for by Japanese individuals and groups and six are featured here.  Options include a beautifully minimal natural metal Ki-43, a field camo Ki-51, two trainer Ki-9s, a Ki-27b in green, and a Ki-49.  While the Ki-49 doesn't really interest me much, I love the other options.  The field camo on the Sonia will be hard to paint, but will look wicked if I can pull it off.  The decals themselves are well printed and look really nice.  You get everything you need to do each aircraft.  Of course the instructions are in colour and provide all you need to know about the schemes, though the colour callouts are only in Mr. Color.  (Not a problem for me, I'm a fan, but it might confuse some.)  I can't wait to get my hands on Rising Decals new Zero Part II sheet that has just been released.  Watch this space!

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David M. Knights said...

I'll take the Ki-49 decals if you don't want them.