Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some New Plastic - Halifax and Swordfish

I gave in and actually got some new plastic last week, the new Airfix Swordfish and the new-tool Revell Halifax. The Swordfish is just about perfect, everything a model should be. Well molded, well detailed, and not too expensive at about $15. A home run. Sadly, the Halifax has some issues. Even with just a glance you can see that the spinners and engine radiators are ginormous, and the props aren't even close. (The four bladed props look very Mustang.) The word on the net is that the nacelles are overall too large. I was also disappointed that Revell did not include the Z Nose as seen in test shots. The fuselage looks good, and their is decent detail, but those engines... (The icing on the cake is that the drawings on the decal placement guide have the correct shaped spinner and props.) I hear Freightdog Models is going to do some new resin props, spinners, and radiators that may just make the thing look decent. Won't make it totally accurate, but might be close enough for me.

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