Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Northwest Scale Modelers Show

On Sunday I attended the 2012 NWSM Show at the Museum of Flight. One refreshing thing about this event is that it is a display, not a contest. 3030 models on display, a make-and-take for the kids, a full size R2-D2, and modelers modeling is what you will find under the Blackbird. Overall a great event and my only complaint is that I didn't take enough pictures.

An Estonian Spitfire?

A Snowbirds CT-133 in 1/72.

A Douglas Skystreak.

This must have started out as a Spitfire.

Who knew there was a Northrop Racer?

A nicely done Boeing Monica.

A 1/48 T-33 done up in Jet Pilot markings.

A Captain of the Clouds Messerhurri.

A Hornet racer.

This is really neat...a Gee Bee U-Bird.

A really nicely done Northrop Gamma, with a small DC-3 sneaking in the shot.

The DeHavilland Canada corner.

Another CT-133.

I liked how this Beaufighter was displayed.

An Airspeed Consul that used to be in storage with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.


David M. Knights said...

Lovely shots. Those are some odd models. NOt ones you'd see entered at most contests. A real sense of whimsy.

ducatisscr said...

Wow. Great photos, Bates.

One of the things I really like is the diversity of more unusual aircraft, though I could have done with fewer Canadian subjects. I mean, who wants to see those things anyway, eh?

Thanks for posting,


SPI said...

Was tempted to go; next time let me know if you're coming out!

Ragrun said...

Yes, a lot of diversity and creativity, although whimsy should be left to HGTV.

In contrast, BlizzCon in Columbus featured a lot of the tried and true.

Between the real aircraft and the 3030 minis, it is a wonder that Bates didn't overdose.

Unknown said...

How big was that SR-71? Was it a 1/4 model or was it just an optical allusion that I'm seeing? Great show by the way, just fantastic.