Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No. 441 (RCAF) Squadron 1944-1945

Title: No. 441 (RCAF) Squadron 1944-1945
Author: Phil H. Listemann
Publisher: Philedition

Subtitled RAF, Dominion, & Allied Squadrons at War: Study, History, and Statistics, this 18 page privately published booklet does what it says on the cover. You get a short history of 441 Squadron, a quick history lesson on RCAF Article XV squadrons, and then the rest is tables, listings, photos, and profile drawings. The tables list such items as awards, flight and squadron commanders, bases of operations, sorties per month, a victory list, aircraft lost on ops, aircraft lost in accidents, serials and codes, squadron pilots, and a roll of honor. Four pages of photos include both aircraft and pilots and the booklet closes with five Spitfire and a Mustang III side views.

The data included is neat and well presented. Sadly the photos are indifferently printed and repeated from Larry Milberry's Fighter Squadron: From Hurricanes To Hornets, with credit of course. The profiles are well done and printed. While this book suffers in comparison to the history provided in Fighter Squadron, it has a much more narrow focus and provides some data that the Milberry's book does not. Therefore, it works both as an introduction to 441 Squadron and as a more statistic focused supplement to Fighter Squadron.

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