Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunter Update #2

Now I see why I can't finish any models! After a week of decent progress comes a week of little progress. Sadly work took up most of last week, and the weekend was spent catching up on all of life's little things that got put off because of work. So in other words, little time for the Hunter. I did get the fuselage together and the new Aeroclub rear end on. I needed some body work in both places. The Aeroclub butt end fit pretty well, but still needed a little filler as it was slightly too narrow for the Revell fuselage. All the filler on the fuselage was completely because of my lack of skills and patience. A more skilled modeler could have gotten the Hunter together with a better fit and less Mr. Surfacer. So I just need to clean up the filler, get the wings together, and get some primer on this week. I'm started to get scared with Halloween getting menacingly close.


David M. Knights said...

You can do it!

Mark Munzel said...

C'mon Jim, you have enough unfinished kits already. Don't add the Hunter to *that* collection. Finish it!