Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CFB Trenton Air Display

This past weekend Heather and I joined the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association Harvards for the CFB Trenton gathering. Canadian Forces Base Trenton was hosting an Open House/Anniversary Weekend to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada and the 60th Anniversary of the Memorial Gates. An air display was planned as was a parade to rededicate the Memorial Gates. CHAA had a five plane formation fly from Tillsonburg to Trenton.

I'll be in the back seat of RZW for the weekend.

While Heather was in the back of HWX.

You have to have the requisite shot of the CN Tower.

Greg and Dr. Dave in formation.

Here are two of Heather's shots of me trying out a little formation flying.

We arrive at Trenton. (Again, a Heather photo.)

The CWH sent out the Lancaster and Dakota. Sadly the Lanc had engine issues and could not fly for the rededication parade.

Hawk One, the Centennial Hornet, and the Snowbirds did a nice formation flight over the parade.

The Centennial Hornet

Hawk One

Vintage Wings of Canada brought the Hammy Gray Corsair, Mustang, Spitfire XVI, and the newly refinished "High Flight" Harvard.