Thursday, March 12, 2009

Camouflage RCAF Kittyhawk IV

One of my RCAF "holy grail" searches has been for actual photographic proof that RCAF Kittyhawk IVs (P-40Ns to our U.S. friends) carried camouflage in RCAF service. I have always assumed that they did, but all photos of the aircraft are in natural metal either just post war or during their service as fighter affiliation training "aggressors" with 5 OTU. Then I found this little poorly scanned photo. There it is, a RCAF Kittyhawk IV in camo. How can I tell it is a P-40N? Look carefully at the sliding portion of the canopy. This is RCAF Kittyhawk IV #857/V ex-USAAF P-40N-5-CU with either 133 Squadron or 135 Squadron at Patricia Bay, B.C. Now the question is what is the scheme? Dark Green/Dark Earth over Sky or Dark Green/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey? Or some odd RCAF only scheme? Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

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