Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Nice Vintage Golden Hawks Footage

I wish I got to see these guys in person.

While it won't be six Sabres in formation, look for the Hawk One Sabre to reappear in Golden Hawks paint in the next month or so in order to be ready for Canada's Centennial of Flight next year.

Maybe I need to finish the Hobby Boss gold...


David M. Knights said...

You referred in a previous post to list of models/collections you'd like to build. A series of acrobatic teams/air force display teams is one of my lists. The Golden Hawks are on the list.

Ebook Formatter said...

The Golden Hawks will be holding reunion in Comox, 23-26 April 09. As well we have made a YouTube video for Centennial of Flight that let's people know where they can learn more about this year's events.