Friday, July 25, 2008

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in 1/72

As many of you know I tend to have all these great grandiose plans for my modeling. Few go anywhere. My idea for a great collection is the aircraft of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and OTUs in Canada. Yes it is sick, yes it will probably take my lifetime, but it is a good idea.

Here is the list:

  • Fleet Finch (Planet)
  • Tiger Moth (Pavla)
  • Menasco Moth (Aeroclub)
  • Fleet Cornell (MPM)
  • Stearman (Revell)
  • Harvard II (Academy)
  • Yale (Special Hobby/Azur/Heller kitbash)
  • Anson (Airfix - upgrade to Special Hobby someday?)
  • Crane (Pavla)
  • Oxford (Pavla and Tasman)
  • Battle (MPM and Airfix)
  • Norseman (Matchbox)
  • Stinson 105 (Sword L-5 convered?)
  • Fleet Fort (Airframe vac)
  • Bolingbroke (MPM and Airfix)
  • Lysander (Frog)
  • Northrop Nomad (MPM)
  • Swordfish (Revell/Matchbox)
  • Seamew (Sword)
  • Walrus (Matchbox)
  • Fleet Fawn (Can-Vac vac)
  • Hurricane (Revell)
  • Mosquito (Tamiya)
  • Liberator (I don't think I have a B-24J in the collection)
  • Mitchell (Italeri)
  • Kittyhawk (Hasegawa)
  • Hudson (Italeri)
  • Hampden (I don’t have an Airfix Hampden - shocking!)
  • Beaufort (MPM)
  • Ventura (Academy)
  • Lockheed 10 (Special Hobby)
  • Dakota (Airfix/Italeri)
  • Expeditor (Hobbycraft)
  • 31, 32, and 33 are maybes. I've never been quite clear if the transports were BCATP aircraft, or just regular RCAF aircraft used for base flight runabouts. I'm also not sure if I'm missing some transports like the Dragonfly. I may make a decision to exclude all transports for simplicity and the fact it rounds out at 30 planes. (Unless of course I've overlooked something...) Look for it at the Nationals in 2172.


    David M. Knights said...

    OK Jim,
    How many of them have you finished so far? I have several of these lists, most of which have had no models in the collection finished.

    I have a German "wonder weapons" collection that actually has a V-1 and Me-163 finished. However, most of my collection ideas are just that, ideas. :(

    AScaleCanadian said...


    Not that this will surprise you...but I have zero finished models for the collection...