Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mike Grant Decals 1/72 Royal Canadian Navy Sea Furies

A few years ago I assisted Jennings Heilig a little bit with some RCN Sea Fury profiles that later expanded into a magazine article. Now we have a very nice new decal sheet based on those profiles, and Jennings's artwork, by Mike Grant Decals. While Mike Grant started in the decal business with ALPS decals, he soon graduated to waterslide decals printed by Microscale.

RCN Sea Fury schemes have all kinds of minute details that are often misinterpreted, and misrepresented, both in profiles, descriptions, and in decal form. (See the VX690 on the new Xtradecal sheet for an example of a misinterprtation of the RCN Sea Fury schemes.) Thankfully these decals get it right. You get one option in the low demarcation Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky scheme, four options in the RCN Dark Grey over RCN Light Grey scheme, and the WEE Cold Weather Flight aircraft in the rather rare high demarcation Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky scheme with red high viz panels.

The decals themselves are well printed in good register and while markings are included to model all the options on the sheet, only two sets of full stencils are included. The colour instructions are quite clear and contain everything you need to know to finish your kit. (They also reference Jennings's article in Model Aircraft Monthly and in Hyperscale for the full story.)

In my opinion this is an excellent sheet and highly recommended to all RCN Sea Fury fans.

See Mike Grant Decals for ordering informtion.

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