Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Plan

This weekend I had to decide whether to fish or cut bait. Would I give up on modeling or actually finish something? No more death spiral, no more manic modeling behavior, no more half finished projects. With these thoughts in mind, I decided to make some changes. First up, all part-started kits were boxed up and banished to the basement. Next off all illegal kits (1/48, 1/32, and cars) were moved to some empty cupboards in the living room. All the 1/72 kits were returned to the closet of no hope and once certain selections were made, the closet was sealed. Why these drastic measures? Well first off I have to make progress. Modelers ADD and the lack of progress is killing my desire to model. Secondly, I noticed that I don’t have examples of my favorite aircraft in my display case. What is the point of modeling if you can’t look at miniatures of your favorite things? So I easily selected four of my favorites and pulled out nice kits of each. Right now sitting on my desk I have the following:

  • Academy’s F4U to be done up as Hammy Gray’s FG-1D
  • Academy’s T-6 to be done as a Harvard IV
  • Revell AG’s Hurricane IIB probably to be done as a RCAF MSFU Sea Hurricane
  • Hasegawa’s Spitfire IX to be finished as a 416 Squ. bird
However, we have one problem...that is only four. In honor of one of my favorite movies/books “High Fidelity” shouldn’t it be Top 5? But that is a problem...how can I choose between the Sea Fury and the Avenger? So I decided that Top 6 was ok...movie homage aside...and added that part started Trumpeter Sea Fury and a yet to be decided Avenger...either an Academy TBF or that part started TBM to do a RCN aircraft to the stack. Somehow a Minicraft CF-18 snuck onto the stack when I wasn’t looking, but that’s ok, we need a jet don’t we. All other kits were sealed behind police “Do Not Cross” tape. Any entry into the closet of no hope will be dealt with by the death penalty. The plan is to start with the Corsair in the next day or two and try to build it in three weeks to a month. Once it is done, I will start the next project and move down the line, one at a time. Don’t drag them out, don’t obsess, and actually finish sometime. This time I feel I actually have a chance to succeed...as...well....all the other kits are gone...