Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Bench - Hurricane Madness

Well I opened my big mouth and now I'm moderating a Airfix Hawker Hurricane Group build on the Unofficial Airfix Modelers Forum. Since I'm the moderator, I decided I needed to make a good showing and build more then one Hurricane. Being as the group build runs from November 16, 2007 to January 31, 2008, I needed to keep it simple. All the other projects have been shelved for a little while and it is full speed ahead on Hurricanes.

Here are the builds:

A RCAF Hurricane Mk. X in 1/72 from the Airfix Mk. I kit

The Captain of the Clouds Hurrischmitt using the 1/72 Airfix Mk. IIB

The first Canadian built Hurricane in 1/48

Any of you modelers out there, grab an Airfix Hurricane and join in!


David M. Knights said...

First, I am disappointed to see you building the "devil scale".
Second, why would you build an Airfix Hurri, other than it is an Airfix group build? :)
Why not just build an Academy or Hase kit and paint it up and post it. No one will now and you will save yourself the frustration of building an....Airfix kit! :)

Anonymous said...

Airfix kits are not that bad I am currently working on the 1/48 Mk1 from then making a Battle of France Machine with and experimental black/white split found in a Flypast Magazine in reality it was only apoplied to one Hurricane but oh well this is my what if, I am really enjoying every step of the build process the only part I am dubiose about is the transfers as I have had some bad experiacnes with the newer airfix ones falling off while I am at college, but I am hoping with the heavy weathering I intend to apply tp it they will stay on, I want the a/c to appear as if it has bore the brunt of the fighting and its a bit of a miricale its still airworthy, for a specific setting it has made it back to Blighty and is now covering over Dunkirk.