Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trumpeter 1/72 Hawker Sea Fury FB.II

The Sea Fury is my all time favorite aircraft and I've long wanted a kit I could actually finish and be happy with. I built a PM kit when it was released in the 80s and even as a younger modeler I was less then impressed with it. The High Planes kit looked difficult and for some reason the Special Hobby never made it to the bench. I was excited when Trumpeter announced a new 1/72 Sea Fury, but my excitement was tempered by their lackluster Fairey Gannet. I kept wondering if Trumpeter would equal their stunning Wyvern and make the Sea Fury kit of my dreams?

Is this the Sea Fury of my dreams? Well yes and no. It is nice. The parts are molded in the typical Trumpeter grey plastic. The molding is ok, there is a little flash, and the usual mold lines to be removed. The exterior surface detail is very very nice. Crisp finely engraved panel lines and no rivets. A quick test fit shows that overall the fit will be ok, but some filler will be required. The separate folding wings are a nice option, but they always leave me worried they will not fit well in the extended position. Looks like that is the case here. Cockpit detail is better then the Gannet, but not up to the standard of the Wyvern. The wheel wells have some nice detail, but as usual with Trumpeter kits, are marred by ejector pins. The landing gear doors suffer the same malady. The clear parts are thin and clear, but with a mold line right down the center that will need to be removed. Some lame rockets, and nice tanks are the underwing stores. The decal options...are surprise, surprise...the 802 Squadron "Mig Killer" from Korea...blah...and a bird from 1831 Squadron with ST tail codes and a yellow and red fuselage band. Both options are in Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky. No Canadian option is offered, but you RCN fans need to keep your eyes on Mike Grant's site for a new sheet with quite a few Canadian options.

Mike Grant Sea Fury decals

Some have stated that the prop appears a little anemic and that the landing gear may sit a little to low, or two high, depending on who you listen to. I'll reserve judgment until I finish my model.

Overall, the Trumpeter kit is nice, but I expected better for the price. (Retail is an almost shocking $25.00!) Maybe my expectations were too high, but I think the Academy Typhoon is a better kit then the Trumpeter Sea Fury at half the price. Sadly the Academy Typhoon is a Typhoon and not a Sea Fury.

This may be the Sea Fury kit of my dreams:

Aki Products 1/72 Sea Fury

Too bad I'm not a millionaire...

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