Tuesday, July 5, 2022

More Colour Hawks of Little Norway

A while back, I posted some colour shots of the Curtiss Hawks in Little Norway. The other day I found a few more. These look like Interior Green or Light Olive Drab 35 to me... 

Modeler's Note: There have been 1/72 Wright Cyclone Hawks done by AML and MPM/Special Hobby/Azur, but these are early short run kits. The more recent AZ H75 kit is better, but far from definitive. Please, please, please Clear Prop, do a retractable gear H75 to follow on your beautiful 1/72 fixed gear H75s family.

(Photos courtesy of https://foto.digitalarkivet.no.)


Dana said...

Wow! Colour me impressed! See what I did there?

Pierre Lagacé said...

You might be interested in Clarence Simonsen's research on Little Norway.