Monday, September 17, 2018

A Kill in the Morning

Title: A Kill in the Morning
Author: Graeme Shimmin
Publisher: Transword Publishers

I don't get to write much about fiction on this blog, but as I have mentioned before I enjoy old English paperbacks. While "A Kill in the Morning" is a reasonably new was published in the U.S. in certainly has the tone, and graphic design, of older pulp faction novels.

I was hipped to "A Kill In the Morning" a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. It is set in the 1950s when Germany controls Europe and England tries to keep their Empire afloat. Part 007, part alt-history, it is big silly fun - with the expected femme fatales - and often based...or imagined...on true events and personalities. It includes cameos by Nazi flying saucers, Guy Gibson, the EE Canberra, Fairey Rotodynes, and a supersonic Vulcan development in both civil and bomber guises. I might quibble with a paradox or two at the end, but hey, saying any more would give it all away.

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