Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dambuster Tribute

Sitting at the model desk contemplating the Dambuster raid which took place on this evening 75 years ago. The Lanc Project Part 2 will be both a Dambuster tribute and my own personal #RAF100 build. Now to decide which aircraft to model...AJ-F flown by Ken Brown, AJ-T flown by CanAmerican Big Joe, or AJ-N crewed by Canada’s last surviving Dambuster Fred Sutherland?

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Anonymous said...

Great acknowledgement Jim!
With a Lancaster so close in Hamilton it makes the Dambuster raid even more exciting.
We are visiting Ottawa on Canada Day weekend and hoping to bring a Spit Vb5 YO-F to Uncle Bucks family get together.
But you have heard it before.....