Friday, June 24, 2016

Boeing Military Display at the Museum of Flight

In addition to writing about the Hurricane, the other project I enjoyed this spring was the curation of a model display for the Museum of Flight. In exchange for having our meetings at the Museum, the Northwest Scale Modelers are tasked with creating three-month rotating lobby displays. We have two large cases located near the cafe where the exhibits are featured.

My exhibit was a display for the Boeing Centennial (this was the second such exhibit during this celebratory year) focused on Boeing Military aircraft. My intent was to show that Boeing military types have been flown around the world in multiple roles - fighters, transports, tankers, patrol aircraft, missiles, and strategic bombers.

Though I didn't build a model for the display, the other NWSM members created some beautiful models ranging from a 1/144 C-17 to a 1/72 ALCM; from a 1/72 resin Model 83 to a 1/72 B-17G. Thanks guys!

So, if you are at the Museum, check out the display. It runs until September 1, 2016.

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