Friday, September 6, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #7: My SO

This week's Sprue Cutters Union question is: How does your significant other view your hobby?

She bought me an Italeri Sunderland for Christmas and, after hearing me complain about canopy masking, ordered some masks for my Airfix Zero and had them shipped from the Czech Republic.  What more do I need to say?  She rocks!

Of course, it is more than that.  I appreciate her support.  I appreciate her listening to my struggles with the hobby over the last few years.  I always appreciate her input and opinions on said struggles.  (In fact, my post a few weeks about my new attitude about fun in the hobby is a direct result of some of those discussions.)  I appreciate her assistance in culling the stash to reasonable proportions when I feel it's starting to overwhelm me.  I appreciate her attending the odd model show.  I love that she says things like, "Why don't you have all the modeling guys over to your place?  I'll cook," and actually follows through.  I really appreciate her proof reading all of my modeling essays.  The list goes on and on.

She knows that I enjoy the hobby (though sometimes it doesn't look like it), so she supports my activities in any way she can.  (Although I will admit, she makes odd paint colour suggestions for my kits...  No, baby, the Spitfire will wear the Day Fighter Scheme, not purple polka dots.)  I'm a very blessed man to have such an amazing woman in my life.

Part of being in the Union means you must include links to fellow contributor's posts within your own response. So here are a few posts from some of the other members:

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Jon B said...

Great post! Though a Spitfire with polka dots would be unique...

Lt. Smash said...

Very nice post. You are a lucky guy.

The Migrant said...

That's great to hear/read, Jim.