Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Way, Eh!

I actually got the airbrush out and threw some primer at the Hellcat.  Things look ok with almost no remedial seamwork needed.  Heck, at this rate it might turn blue before I depart for Seattle next week.

I tried the new Testors Model Master Lacquer Primer for the first time. It sprayed okay through the Powercat and left a nice flat even finish, but did string a little when sprayed. I was able to remove most of the strings with a quick brush of a large paintbrush and a polish with a Kleenex.  This finish is not as smooth as Mr. Surfacer, but I liked it better than my one experience with the Alclad gray primer.  Overall, Mr. Surfacer and Tamiya Fine Surface Primer are still my primers of choice, but this is an acceptable alternative when they occasionally disappear from stock.


Bill Weckel said...

What kit is this Jim? Eduard?

AScaleCanadian said...

Bill, it is the Eduard 1/72 F6F-3 Weekend edition.