Friday, December 7, 2012

Airfix Tomahawk

While progress is still being made on the Eduard, it is hard to clean up the fuselage seam without destroying the beautiful scallops, I have also added an Airfix Tomahawk to the mix.  So far the fuselage and wings have been assembled as separate components and the cockpit has been painted and washed.  The fit of the nose parts wasn't stunning, but the rest of it has fit well.  Now I just need to apply the decal instrument panel, make up some seatbelts and assemble the two subassemblies.

Right this minute I'm leaning toward a 414 Squadron Tomahawk, but don't count 400 Squadron out quite yet...  (Not to mention, the date of this post makes me think about an OD/NG USAAF aircraft...)

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