Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fündekals The "Spook" Mosquito

Another new fündekals sheet also has Canadian content, even if it wears U.S. markings.  The USAAF actually bought a few Canadian built Mosquitos, called them F-8s, and the "Spook" was the most famous of these Mosquitos.  This is a slightly more complicated sheet than is usual with fündekals as it includes the usual serials, insignia, and nose art, but also stencils. Again everything is perfectly printed and the colours are spot on and you are directed to www.fundekals.com to download an instruction sheet for decal placement and scheme information.  In this case, the instruction sheet is the highlight of the set.  Spanning eight pages, it may be the best monograph ever published on the "Spook."  And hey, who doesn't want to build a Mosquito in the dayfighter scheme with U.S. insignia with the red surrounds?

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