Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cool Spitfire photo

So who knew that the RCAF Winter Experimental Establishment (WEE) flight stripped the paint off of Spitfire XIV TZ138 during its time in Canada?  I sure didn't until today.  Then I saw this photo.  Very cool.  One small point is that the Meteor is Meteor IV RA421, not Meteor III EE311 which was written off in June 1946 in Ontario.  And why does the Prentice look pink?


Bill Weckel said...

Hey! Sorry I missed you at the Nats. Yes, it was car trouble. I made it about 30 miles and had to turn around and limp home. Apparently, the lifespan of a Honda Civic's spark plugs is 14 years. My mechanic was amazed.

dsg said...

So I brought the photo into Photoshop and played with color correction. When I shifted the color to make the trainer yellow. It livened up all the colors and made the red in the roundel and the fire extinguisher a much better hue