Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CAF Mi-17 Hips

A long while ago I mentioned the Mi-8 Hips leased by the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Recently, a newspaper article was publishing asking questions about the helos. Ok, Canada's military procurement and spending is always political, but what was really interesting was the quote "The Mi-17s operate in Canadian military markings and are flown by Canadian Forces pilots, said Rozenberg-Payne." Huh? I thought the Mi-8s were in civil markings with civil registrations. Turns out Canada has traded in the leased Mi-8s for leased Mi-17s and they are carrying CAF markings. See here for a picture. So the Mi-17s are designated CH-178 and the serials for the four aircraft are 178404 to 178407. (What happened to 178401 to 178403?) I understand these are Kazan Helicopters Mi-17-V5 versions of the Mi-17. Cool, eh.

Modeler's Note: Hobby Boss makes a very nice Mi-17, but it does not have the correct configuration to build the CAF variant. (What's new.) There was a conversion of the kit to the beaked nose/rear ramp Mi-8/Mi-17 in a recent Scale Aviation Modeller International.


David M. Knights said...

I'll have to look for that article.

AScaleCanadian said...


It is SAMI Vol. 16, Issue 6, June 2010 with a A-7 on the cover.

Dave Fleming said...

The article is also on line on Ken Duffey (Flankserman)' site.


Someone posted pics of the Canadian Mils on UKAR recently, but they were taken down for OPSEC very quickly - I didn't get to see them.

Could 178401-3 be the original aircraft?

AScaleCanadian said...


That makes sense other then there were supposed to be 4 of the original Mi-8s...